Home again & into the darkening months

Home again & into the darkening months

Madelines knitting, a simple scarf in an autum pallet in hand spun yarn, sits next to a full mug of coffee with a heart in the foam on top.

It has been a whirlwind of a summer!  My vending season this year found me on the road all the way through the end of October.  Now, after being home for more than a week, doing some canning, having sorted and skirted the hoard of wool I’d gathered over the summer, and with the wood shed full I’m finally beginning to feel settled in again.

And it’s a good thing too!  We had snow before Halloween for the first time in years and the chill of the season is also settling in.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my wandering wool witch life, going on adventure, vending, teaching, learning along the way, and getting to connect with so many of you.  I have covered more miles this year than any other time in my life I think, and I feel like I’m developing a reliable circuit around Montana and looping over through Idaho and Washington to the coast.  I’ve made some pretty wonderful new friends and connections, met several folks from social media in person, and started teaching more regular workshops on natural dyes and spinning.  When I think back on this years busy season I’m pretty excited about this wool work life I’ve managed to cobble together with the support and interest from you all.

That being said, I’m always a bit relieved when the season turns.  I’m an autumn girl by nature, foggy mornings and chilly rains in the forest around my little cottage make my heart happy.  The impending onset of winter will always bring its own challenges, but it also brings rest.  And rest itself is a necessary step for all the rest of it. 

I’ll do a few recaps of the most exciting parts of my summer into autumn run of business soon.  Letting myself tuck in here by the wood stove with some wool and neglected knitting projects will give my busy brain a chance to recharge and think new creative thoughts eventually.  Until then I’m leaning into the comforting repetition that is so calming in our chosen work - the click of the needles, the looping of stitches, the rhythm of my feet on treadles.  

I hope you all are someplace warm and safe, and taking comfort in the things that move you.  A very happy nesting in season to you!

More soon

~ M

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