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Meet my newest Millspun Yarn!

worsted weight Romney wool two ply yarn in natural whiteJust look at all of this loveliness!  Look at the beautiful shine and that nice twist angle.  This is my newest millspun yarn, and the first batch of it that I've had done up myself instead of purchasing wholesale through another artist.  If you haven't ever sent off wool to a mill, this is a BIG DEAL for me, and I couldn't be happier with the results, and that I get to share them with all of you!
This is 100% Romney wool, which made it easy to choose a mill to work with, LaVonne Stuckey of The Wool Mill , raises Romney sheep herself, so I was certain that I could lean on her experience with this specific fibre and turn it into something really beautiful for me.  As an added bonus, her mill, located in Belgrade MT. is also in alignment with my values on sustainability in the way they process fiber, from composting waste to being solar powered.  They're a really neat operation & you can find out more about them on their website HERE.

Yes sir, three bags full of Romney Millspun Yarn stacked on a table in the millMillspun yarns are usually fairly limited runs, and this batch is no exception.  It is amazing how much weight of a raw fleece is really lanolin - I sent off 42 lbs of wool, and after washing  there was half the weight left  - 21 lbs!  I admit, I'm a bit daunted by the idea of the amount of physical labor put into washing that much fleece and am very grateful to have had someone else do the job for me, better still, even the water heating system at the wool mill is solar powered.
While I don't yet have this yarn in my hands, I have set up a pre-sale here online.  So if any of you have been hoping for a chance to snag exactly the amount of yarn you need for a project, and/ or to get to work more directly with me on something custom & truly special, this is a good chance.  The pre-sale skeins are discounted $5 each, and I'll be contacting folks after their orders are placed to talk through their yarn hopes and dreams & see what I can do for them.  
This yarn truly has a lot of potential, and given the lovely shine and drape that you can get with Romney wool , will make beautiful knitwear or woven pieces alike.     If  you'd like  to grab a few skeins before they're all spoken for  please take a look at the listing HERE.  
As Always, 
Happy Crafting & Be  Well
~ Madeline

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