Mini-Mittens - A Yule Gift Pattern

Mini-Mittens - A Yule Gift Pattern

Mini-Mittens - A Yule Gift Pattern

(originally published Dec 21st, 2020)

Hello to all of you, blog readers, email list subscribers, fellow natural wool and natural dyeing enthusiasts! What a very strange year this has been. No need for details there, suffice to say its been rough. And yet when my spouse creature and I found ourselves jumping into working as artists as regular work fell out from under us at the beginning of lock down you all were there to help. I can’t begin to express my gratitude, every comment on social media, every skein of yarn or knit good sent out to one of you, has kept our little woodland household going.

So thank you. Thank you all so very much. As we go through this longest night of one of the darkest years, I wanted to share a little bit of my gratitude, and hopefully even some color or cheer with you. Below is the pattern for knitting the Mini-Mittens I’ve been sharing online this season. They are perfect for using up some scrap sock yarn and pretty cute on a Yule tree, in a garland, or on a gift. Added bonus: they mail well slipped into cards.

From me to you, Happy Yule

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A pale hand holds a tiny hand knit mitten ornament as it hangs on a holiday tree

Mini-Mitten Ornament

Pattern by Madeline Keller-King

Knit it for your tree, or to pop in the mail with a card. These miniature mittens are quick knits perfect for scrap sock yarns! If you make this pattern and use social media please use the hashtag #minimitten and tag me in your posts ( @woolywitchofthewest ) I would love to see your finished mittens!

Yarn: any sock or fingering weight yarn

Needles & Notions: US size 1 circular needles, for knitting magic loop

Locking stitch marker

Needle for weaving in ends

Gauge: unimportant


K - Knit

P - Purl

KFB - Knit front and back - a 1 stitch increase

SSK - Slip, Slip Knit

K2TOG - Knit 2 together

CO - Cast On

A note before you begin: If you leave yourself with around 4" of yarn as a tail when you cast on you can loop this back through the cuff of your mitten and will have a loop to use to hang it if you are planning on using your mitten as an ornament or charm.


CO 16 stitches and seperate to knit magic loop - 8 stiches on each needle

Rounds 1-7 : *K1 P1 repeat from *

R 8 : *KFB K6 KFB repeat from *

R 9 & every odd round: K all stitches

R 10:KFB K1 KFB, K rest of round

R 12: KFB K3 KFB, K rest of round

R 14: K1, slip 5 stitches onto locking stitch marker , k rest of round

R 15-22 : K all stitches

R 23: *K1 SSK, K4 K2TOG, K1 repeat from *

R24: *K1 SSK K2 K2TOG K1 repeat from *

R 25: *K1 SSK K2TOG K1

Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches, Pull tight and leave at least 1" tail for finishing.
Pick up gusset stitches from locking stitch marker + 1 stitch from body of mitten and arrange on needles to knit magic loop - 3 stitches each needle

Round 1-4 : K all stitches.

Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches, Pull tight and leave at least 1" tail for finishing.
Finishing - Use tapestry needle to pull tails through to the inside of mitten, weave in ends if you are particular, or knot tails to keep stitches tight.
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