Yarn & Yoga at the Hotsprings

Yarn & Yoga at the Hotsprings

Madeline sits at her wheel and spins at Yarn & Yoga 2017
In 2017 I was lucky enough to get to attend the original Yarn & Yoga at the Hotsprings.  I was there by the grace of other people, my mother who gifted me the retreat, my spouse who encouraged me to go and took on extra work so I could go, co-workers who stepped up and allowed me time away.  When I think back on this event it feels to me a bit like an origin story for myself as I am today, and very much like an event that helped to launch my career in the wool.
I was a relatively new spinner then, and at the time I had no idea who Kate Larson (the current editor of Spin Off Magazine and author of “The Practical Spinners Guide to Wool”) was.  I did know that restorative yoga is wonderful, and I knew the place.  Boulder Hotsprings is about 30 minutes outside of Helena Montana, where I grew up.  The pool, the inside plunges, and the wonderful old hotel they were a part of, were all special things to me when I was a kid.  The addition of fiber arts and gentle yoga made for a weekend that to me sounded like bliss.

I wasn’t wrong.  I traveled to the event by myself, which isn’t something I do often, and unwound.  I knew I would enjoy my time spent at Boulder, but the weekend held many things that I hadn’t realized I needed so much at the time, quiet beautiful spaces, time to rest, nourishing yummy food, time spent in the company of other fiber-folks, laughter, endless cups of tea.  Kate’s classes were fascinating and inspiring, and Kelly’s special attention to the ergonomics of spinning and how to help us all as artists who spend a great deal of time sitting and using repetitive motions was so helpful.  All of it together with multiple chances a day to dip myself in the hotsprings left me with a sense of ease I had been missing for quite some time, and more of an awareness of the importance of creating space to just be sometimes.

To my surprise and excitement I was invited back the next year and brought Montana fleece with me to go over together with Kate and send home with attendees, and assisted with other bits of the event.  The third year I did the same and also taught a round of natural dyeing on Saturday afternoon.  We were scheduled for the fourth year when the pandemic hit and everything changed.  During this time span I’ve continued my work as a natural dyer and handspinner, vending here online and at Fiber Arts Festivals across Montana and Idaho, teaching here and there, and published several articles in Spin-Off Magazine.  

This event though, has been one I couldn’t stop thinking about.  I’ve spent the past several years daydreaming about it and how to make it happen again.  Unfortunately Kate is no longer able to fit it into her busy schedule, but it is with her encouragement & blessing that it is happening again this year. 

I am excited to let you all know that Yarn & Yoga at the Hotsprings is happening October 20-22 2023.  I am partnering with my friend Shelly of the Yarn Underground, who is facilitating the event, and Kelly Baraby of Helena Community Yoga who was the original instructor of our lovely restorative yoga classes.  I myself will be there to help with spinning, and teach a natural dye class over the weekend.  There is more in depth information on our website for the event: Mindfulspin.com

Registration is now open.

I would love to see you there,


Madeline admires a cotton scarf she just pulled from an indigo pot during the natural dye portion of yarn & yoga 2019

 Madeline admires a cotton scarf she just pulled from an indigo pot during the natural dye portion of yarn & yoga 2019

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