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Words from the Wool Witch

  • Earth Day Reflections & Welcome Spring

    This past weekend was Earth Day, and I'm convinced that Spring may actually be coming.  While we still had chilly blustery weather here in NW Montana, the rain was kind enough to wait until after we'd had our Saturday adventure to start falling.
  • Everything all at once, find the overlap.

    A brief update, some wild harvesting, and overlapping natural dyes in my work and the work of my spouse-creature.  Bonus photos of the Montana woods and some of the things you can find in them when you slow down and look.
  • Gratitude & Process, a seasonal reflection

    The long and short of it is that I've found myself more supported than I expected to be. Self confidence in putting my work out into the world as purchasable items isn't something I have a lot of. I come up against this strange conundrum where I both do and don't want money for my work. As if getting paid somehow spoils my ideals or something ridiculous like that.