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Wooly Witch of the West

Indigo & Onion Skin Fringed Shawl

Indigo & Onion Skin Fringed Shawl

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Wrap yourself in cozy charm with this hand knit  Indigo & Onion Skin Fringed Shawl. Made from warm highland wool wool, this shawl is naturally dyed with onion skin and indigo for a unique touch. Delicate lace edges and playful fringes add a fun touch to your outfit. (Shawl-ly you won't regret adding this to your wardrobe!)

Onion skins are collected kitchen scraps, getting a second use here on their way to the compost pile, and my USA grown indigo is sourced from WA based Botanical Colors.

Made from natural non-super wash fibers, please remember that this item is hand wash in cold water ONLY.  Lay flat to dry.  This item WILL FELT if put in a washer or dryer. 

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