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Wooly Witch of the West

Montana Millspun Romney Yarn Naturally Dyed - Variegated Yellow

Montana Millspun Romney Yarn Naturally Dyed - Variegated Yellow

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100% non-superwash Romney wool raised and spun in Montana, Millspun yarn, naturally dyed with sustainably gathered wolf lichen for a bright and cheerful variegated yellow.    This stuff has a lovely drape and shine! The creation of these yarns supported Montana wool workers. Worsted weight 4 oz.  skeins, 260 yards. The mill this yarn was processed at doesn’t use harsh chemicals that would have dissolved the vegetable matter from the wool. Due to this more eco-friendly process, as well as the dyeing process which uses plant material skeins may include some bits of hay, which are easily removed while knitting.

This is a hand-dyed fiber, there are no dye-lots and braids may vary slightly. Alternating skeins is recommended. Some discharge of dye in the first few washings is normal and to be expected, it can be triggered by changes in ph and mineral content of the wash and/or rinse water. I dye in my home studio using well water whose ph and mineral content varies seasonally and may be different from yours. Ships from a pet friendly, low scent, non- smoking home studio. Every effort is made to ensure color is displayed correctly in photos, however monitors may vary.

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