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Words from the Wool Witch

  • Yarn & Yoga at the Hotsprings

    Madeline sits at her wheel and spins at Yarn & Yoga 2017
    In 2017 I was lucky enough to get to attend the original Yarn & Yoga at the Hotsprings.  I was there by the grace of other people, my mother who gifted me the retreat, my spouse who encouraged me to go and took on extra work so I could go, co-workers who stepped up and allowed me time away.  When I think back on this event it feels to me a bit like an origin story for myself as I am today, and very much like an event that helped to launch my career in the wool.
  • On the road with a new travel wheel!

    I headed back out to the coast with a new wheel in tow.  I recorded a video of putting it together for the first time.